Gallop Through the Stars

by Space Unicorn On Fire

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released December 29, 2016




Space Unicorn On Fire Slovenia

80's Synthwave Power Metal from Slovenia. This mix of old-school heavy, synthy, geeky, proggy metal brings listeners to miles of smile, like a match next to a barrel of kerosene. Some others sing about Satan, booze and women. These guys sing about women, space and fooling around supernovas, nebulas and pulsars! A careful listener might even find nuggets of wisdom. But mainly... let's go to space! ... more

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Track Name: Kozmodrom
Track Name: Let's Go to Space
Let's go to space!
Let's leave our roots behind
Our solid trunks with raging thrust ram through the sky
We've looked at stars for long enough
The distant skies we've left behind, here we belong

Don't have rockets, don't have fuel
A bunch of fools

But let's go to space anyway!
Let's crush the silence on our way
The Milky Way clowns will give their crowns and run away

Let's go to space!
There's much to find in colour black
The vast embrace of cosmic rays lights our way
We're centers of the universe
Let's make the stars spin round and round
And get more lost than found

Now that we've gone fully spatial!
Track Name: Double Helix
Change my course in mid-flight
Guided cruise by my own right
Let ballistic missions hang in the past
I see a never-yielding, moving target in your eyes,
Back-lit by a flaming heart inside you

Endless thrust of inner fire
And through our interplay of open hearts
We will draw a double helix through the sky
Laughing in annihilation's face

There's no time to wait and
There's no way of slowing down
Life's too short, but yet too long, not to immerse yourself
To immerse yourself within the depths of the unknown,
Finding that you radiate like a pulsar

Colliding with dust clouds, invisible drag
Keeps sanity in our uncharted path

Balancing our centers on a journey with no goal
Warmly lit by stellar mists, surrounding
With your emotional gravity, you pull it out
Pull the light out of my black holes, held within
Track Name: Dreamers
Now the journey comes, comes to its end
No remembrance of the struggles hidden in the bloody sweat
I wipe away

Another galaxy I've left behind
Its blinding light gives way to brand new sights

Dreamers stay awake
To catch their dreams
That fade away
To reignite

Momentarily relieved, sheer emptiness
Fills up with this long forgotten joyous freedom
Now that nightmares stepped aside
Track Name: Blizu Večnosti
Kar naenkrat brez meja
Srci odprti sta
Vidita vse kar je res
Ni ničesar vmes

Glej gor, zvezde so krasne nocoj
Zvezde in midva
Glej gor, zdaj odločno proti njim
Bova stopala

Stisni se v moj objem
Naj te pogrejem v njem
Vidim te za očmi
Tako blizu sva
Blizu večnosti

Brazgotinasto srce
Um ne vidi, ono ve
En pogled je zamajal
Vse predstave razkopal
Vse spomine preoral
V trenutku svet pognal
Radost vlil in krila dal

Plamen v tebi kliče k sebi, ko bediva v noč
Nov občutek polni žile in mi daje moč

Glej gor, zvezde so krasne nocoj
Zvezde in midva
Glej gor, skupaj v objemu zvezd

Stisni me v svoj objem
Naj se stopim v njem
Vidim te za očmi
Tako blizu sva
Blizu večnosti
Track Name: Shooting Star
Hollow domes of smoggy light
Hiding beauty from our sight
Doesn't see what lies beyond,
one doesn't see the starlight

Come on a road trip through the sky
Close enough to touch
Tunneling through at the speed of light

We're zooming out, so we can see it whole
So beautiful and cold

One lifetime away from doing it right, unless you find...
Shoot through the sky, it waits for you:
Your own true nature of reality

Hollow domes have stayed behind
This awesome place will blow your mind
Feel the force is strong with us
Rip out the hearts of a thousand stars

We're shooting stars in our own skies!
Track Name: Mr. Romantic
We've got the city in our hands, me and a couple friends,
I've got a pearl waiting at home but here's a girl turning me on.
She tries to wrap herself around me, hard to pull away
Don't wanna throw away the only thing that keeps me sane.

And I got so much tension in my balls that I could paint her walls,
But from a thousand miles away I see my baby's eyes

Sexual frustration, trapped in a moral dilemma
I'm staying true to my love
But when I get home, she'll get it
Upside down and inside out!

The city limits call my name to go from whence I came,
This night has got a lot in store so let's go on 'cause I want more
My brain is leaving me with middle fingers pointing to the sky
If I don't get a piece of action, I swear I could die
Track Name: August Blues
Silver curtains in the sky
Rain follows me where I go
I'm not completely sure what to blame
Not having you or the rain
Than before, I miss you even more than before
What's been done has been done, we move on
Best of luck I wish for you as I wish for myself
In these August blues

We flew apart so fast, separate skies
Too soon to let you go - I don't know
Maybe I was wrong, didn't see what I had in front of me
Now I know... It shows the kind of man that I am
Deep inside
Not seeing what I have, wanting more
It's probably gonna fool me in the end, who can tell
In these August blues

I'm only glad you loved to be by my side, now we're apart
I'll always care for you and love you, my new friend
It felt enough as it was without you,
You've opened my eyes, now I thank you
My phoenix will rise higher next time
For now all I got from you are these August blues.
Track Name: Commander
Stars shine in my eyes
Our ion engines light the skies
Lined up and poised for action
Ready to fly!

The raising of force shields
Is raising our heartbeats
I wonder why all of them follow my lead
Deep breath of air, I let fear sink in
Let's begin

Direction is right, we penetrate faster than light
And then I emerge as a jet and I burn through all in my way

The black hole that surrounds me
Is a messenger that tells me
Through our past, victorious,
We'll face our demise
And then we'll shoot through, energized!

As I race through time
I learn, I see, I feel
Black hole emptiness hides promises
Timeless questions will remain
Will we come through again
And answers within
The answers

да да да да да да да
да да да да да да да да
да да да
да да да да да да да да да да да да

Now I know why
Starfighters follow my lead
They feel I see the light
in darkest pits
and in the loneliest of nights

Now I know why
I'm firing lasers from my eyes
I see a supernova in the dark

They follow me because they see
Flames in my eyes will lead me
Track Name: Ne Vzame Nihče
Spet drvim k sanjam, lovi me spomin
Včasih se zato izgubim, drugič poletim

Zguljene slike mi hitijo pred očmi
Svet sva lomila, zdaj počiva v temi

Prezahtevna, preveč ranjena
Žgala sva srce drug drugega
A vsega lepega, kar sva imela
Nama ne vzame nihče - niti sama ne

Dala sva drug drugemu vse, dvignjena od tal
Pobiram zdaj ostanke sveta, a mi za nič ni žal

Prehitro in prekmalu sva hotela vse
Včasih si želim nazaj
A treba je naprej
Track Name: Broken Loose
Gone are the days when I couldn't keep my own pace
Running on roads without a course, without a cause
I take control of what's coming my way
I'm cutting major losses, pull my juice from sources
that I couldn't - but I should have seen before

Here comes the future, we know where to go
And our sources of power will grow stronger
Broken loose cannot lose
And there's nobody stealing our show!

No holding back, cutting through all who would suck me
Would suck me into their lives where we can all suck
My grounds rise higher, lead my way through the sky
I only stride with those who know what they want,
Those I know will fight for their own place in time and space.

Race, shoot through walls, all falls into place,
the world's machines turn for a single mind ...

Slow times come, inertia fades away, your turn to pay
Break loose, fight through and shed your weights
The strongest parts prevail and deem the weak forever
Forever gone

... of the future, that shows where to go
As we're riding on Jokers with Ace of Spades rockets
Broken loose cannot lose
And there's nobody stealing our show!
Track Name: Medzvezdna Mačkica
Ko videl sem te prvikrat, si me odnesla preko zvezd
Vesolje zdaj je najino, sva že skrenila s starih cest
Kje si bila ko sem te prej iskal, kar ŠAMAR bi ti dal
Rešitev sva problema dveh teles, ti boš ležala, jaz bom stal
V pogledu tvojem moja griva zagori
Izpusti vajeti, bodiva luč strasti v temi

Glej, iz tebe zvezdni prah puhti, moj sončni veter ti lase mrši

Medzvezdna mačkica, odvleci me od tu
My eyes are burning, burning just for you
El fuego en el corazon, eso eres tu
Dammi la tua mano, in mezzo, la in giú

Vesolje je premajhno za željo ki v meni tli
My eyes are locked on you, what I want you can see
Počniva to kar čutiš da je prepovedano
I know you know we want the same, just close your eyes -- let's go!

Zdaj ramišljam le o tem kako te slekel bom
Roka gre kamor ne sme, samo čini to sa mnom
No entiendo porque no quieres lo que quiero yo,
We have gone so deep in space, nihče te videl zdaj ne bo!

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